Lighting is two toned between shadows.

Hey, so basically my problem is that I’m making a game (obviously). And currently, im working on the lighting etc to make it to the art style I want. My problem is my game uses solid cube like objects for most the game, Which are white.

I’m trying to achieve an art style similar to these two games SuperHot and SmashHit.

My problem is that all the lighting I’ve tried using is disgusting. Ambient light makes everything the same color. meaning you can’t see anything. Global fog makes everything one color in the distance. Directional lights also look really tacky and light wont bounce leaving one area well lit and the area dead next to it a dull grey. I not trying to bash unity here, im only expressing the things i’ve tried. I have also tried volumetric light packages, which are nice. But dont seem to do what i want them too.

What I’m currently using:
lighting settings

After figuring this out myself basically. I found that using materials with smoothness down etc. tweaking can help with shadow issues significantly.

have u tried puting them lights partially in the wall to where it is sticking out