Lighting issue with voxels :/

Hello everyone !

I was starting a new project using Magicavoxel to create environments fast.

Here is the rendering in Magicavoxel :


As you can see, the light is pretty correct and on the right, the blue is shiny in the dark.

But when I export in .obj, these models in Unity, its totally different. I added by my own some lights but its not shinny and the blue is not shiny :

The principal issues i have encountered and i can’t find the solutions on the web are : Lights implemented by Magicavoxel are not exported in .obj ; Glass too
; in Magicavoxel, we can render some voxels “shiny” like the blue before and not working in Unity with .obj.

Im a student on Holiday and i will be proud to create entirely Something after many abandonned projects cause of the lack of knowledge.

I passed 2 days trying all the formats from Magicavoxel and Nothing worked.

Maybe i need to use Blender to modify the .obj ? Or maybe i missed Something in Unity in the settings or Something else but i would love to get nearly the same rendering from Magicavoxel in Unity. :confused:

Thank you so much for reading my poor post with many English mistakes.

I hope to be answered

Have a nice day !

I’m sorry but i have the same problem. my sugestion would be to move the light source or if you need it somewhere else just dublicate it and that will work. There is my unhelpful, probaly not working, 11 year old, primary school answer. - your’s truly,