Lighting layers error

I have recently created a build for the latest version of my game however unity has not allowed me to test the game since the build. It keep s coming up with this error:

Too many layers used to exclude objects from lighting. Up to 4 layers can be used to exclude lights, while your lights use 31: ‘TransparentFX’ ‘Ignore Raycast’ ‘Unnamed 3’ ‘Water’ ‘Unnamed 5’ ‘Unnamed 6’ ‘Unnamed 7’ ‘Unnamed 8’ ‘Unnamed 9’ ‘Unnamed 10’ ‘Unnamed 11’ ‘Unnamed 12’ ‘Unnamed 13’ ‘Unnamed 14’ ‘Unnamed 15’ ‘Unnamed 16’ ‘Unnamed 17’ ‘Unnamed 18’ ‘Unnamed 19’ ‘Unnamed 20’ ‘Unnamed 21’ ‘Unnamed 22’ ‘Unnamed 23’ ‘Unnamed 24’ ‘Unnamed 25’ ‘Unnamed 26’ ‘Unnamed 27’ ‘Unnamed 28’ ‘Unnamed 29’ ‘Unnamed 30’ ‘Unnamed 31’

Is there any possible way to fix this? I understand what it is saying however I do not know how to fix it.

The solution should be something like to delete the unwanted lighting exclusion layers. So my real question is how can I delete these layers?

If you have more than 4 layers UnChecked in a light’s culling mask, you’re going to get this warning.

If you need to exclude more than 4 layers from a light, you’re going to have to change from deferred lighting.