Lighting only happening when the player get close.

Hello, In my game, which is a FPS, I have an arena type of a terrain. For lighting I have a directional light and a few point lights.

When I play my game the entire place is dark except of a small area around my player, and if I have a point light at say, intensity at 8 there is still just pitch black in that area until my player goes over to the point light, at which that point it lights up fully.

Does anyone know why this is happening?


Your current quality setting probably has a low limit for pixel lights for what you need

Try change how many possible lights you can use (Edit > Project Settings > Quality), most likely for all of the quality settings

the radius of the lights are too small. the directional light might has a low intencity or incorrect direction.

it also might be related to the number of lights that can be visible or be a pixel light at the same time. take a look at quality settings too.

I would try putting more point lights on the map. And instead of turning up the intensity. Try turning up the range. Also putting them lower to the ground might help to if you have them high up.

In addition you might have the fog turned up too far, try turning it off or lowering its value.