Lighting problem

Hello there,
I’m a beginner, working on my first game. Heres the link to a video I made - YouTube You can see how the bushes turn completely black when out of range of the flashlight. I’m not quite sure what causes this. I’m sorry if this is stupid but I don’t know what to do. pls. help

Hello. Based on your video, the problem most probably lies on the fact that your scene doesn’t actually have any baked lighting. You’ll need to click on Generate Lighting to have baked lighting in your scene.

However, your game is also lacking a skybox, which is probably the main reason why your bushes completely go black when the flashlight is not shining on them. It’s not wrong to not have them, but a scene’s ambient lighting often comes from the skybox, especially an outdoor scene. So you should almost always create a skybox for an outdoor scene; just make it really dark for a night scene (a night sky is not going to be pitch black anyways so a skybox is actually going to make your game look better).

So you may want to create a skybox using the Lighting window (Window > Rendering > Lighting Settings) and add a Skybox material (Create > Material, then choose Skybox in the Shader tab. Give it a cubemap) Then place some lights around and mark them as Static lights. Lastly, you may want to consider placing a Reflection probe in the scene to let the lighting bounce around more realistically.

TLDR; your bushes go completely black because there are no indirect lights illuminating them. A realtime light like the flash light will not ‘magically’ bounce and continue lighting them when it stops shining on the bushes (like in real life). Create indirect light in the scene by baking lights.