Lighting system for isometric pixel art game

Have you ever played or saw screenshots of pathway. It has so beautiful art. Visit this website and know about the game:

Now back on the topic, I was asking that is the kind of lighting system possible in unity. Whenever I try to research on this I always end up with this: “Unity has no features of 2d lighting system” Oh why?? And they say Unity is good for 2D games as well. If you have seen a seen of pathway from youtube you will notice that the shadows created by the lights are not still they move like we make the idle animation of character (not so still). It looks like the shadows don’t stay still due to the continuous movement of flame. Oh! How beautiful it is. I don’t know which engine is used to make the game but is it not possible to achieve in unity. There must be a way. Pls suggest some ideas. Thanks In Advance!
Some gifs:

I know I’m quite late, but I researched this and spoke with the devs of Pathway. They use a fully custom engine. In order to get the effects seen in their game, they have a whole suite of tools they built. The terrain, buildings, and such are created as voxel structures, while the characters, trees, and props utilize the depth maps to generate 3D models which cast the shadows. There is no way to get the effect seen in Pathway without some kind of 3D model, though obviously they found a way to auto-generate these models based on 2D art combined with a 2D depth map.

I’m working on some kind of loose approximation for the game i’m working on, but it definitely won’t be as awesome as Pathway’s graphics. That requires 5+ years experience in building render pipelines and tools specifically, and 1-2 years on top of that to actually build it.