Lighting Window does not appear

Hello there,

so I have one Problem with my Project. When I click Windows->Lighting, nothing happens. The Window simply does not appear. It worked before but somehow i broke it. Something very strange is, when I have my OculusDK2 as 2nd Screen, the Lighting Window is on the Oculus Screen. So it, in fact, does open but I somehow dont get it on my First Screen. When 2nd Screen is a monitor the Window does not appear as well.

Any Ideas what went wrong, or somebody who had the same, or a similar, problem with the Lighting Window

I guess we should move to Unreal? If you haven’t found an answer in nearly two years. I’m having the same problem. I’ve installed three different versions of Unity and none of them will show the lighting window.

Had a similar issue: 2 monitors, Lighting Settings window somehow moved outside of screen space, so clicking Windows\Lighting\Settings did nothing.
I’ve solved the issue by opening Windows’ Display Settings and changing display order (in my case moved right display to the left). After that Lighting Settings became visible, I’ve docked it, and then changed display order back.