Lighting Window Object Tab doesn't Exist,No Objects Tab in Lighting Window

I am trying to follow the tutorial on Precomputed Realtime GI tutorial on Unity’s website, however at one point it states to select the Object Tab in the Lighting Window, however I have no object tab. I only have a scene tab, a realtime lightmaps tab and a baked lightmaps tab.

Is there something I need to change to access the object tab? The rest of the tutorial addresses almost solely that tab.

There is no Object tab anymore, because all is located under the meshrenderer of the particular gameobjects.

  1. Select the Gameobject you want to change
  2. Inspector/Mesh Renderer/Realtime Uvs/…

All your looking for is there.

hello, i have never used unity 5, but that tutorial is set for that unity version and i would bet they changed the lighting tab when upgrading that version.

I have the same problem, how did you solve it?,Hi,
I am in the same situation, did you find the object tab?