Lightmap Baking Cross-Platform: iOS vs Mac vs Windows

We do most of our dev on Windows PC and build on Macs for iOS deployment, just hit a roadblock.

  • Using lightmaps baked on PC Windows look different on some objects on Mac (as if some objects get another index or another uv placement, but not all of them).
  • Rebaking the maps on the mac fixes the issue, but lightmapping is a lot noisier (close to not useful) even if it is using the exact same settings as on PC.

Any solution to this? Would like to use the proper looking lightmaps on a Windows PC to be reusable on any platform.

Tested on 2019.1.0, 2019.1.1, 201.9.4
LWRP 5.7.2, 5.16.1

I got same problem and cant find more information in google. Now my problem is something like the memory or graphics card is not released cache. Let me explain it better. When i do a bake light, feel good, if i want to modify it a bit, i re-do lightmap (progressive gpu) and then i get so many artifacts and darkeer lightmap.