Lightmap corruption on terrain?

I’ve been working on a scene for the last few days, and then randomly, it gives me this error in the console: “numChunksInX * numChunksInY == numInstances”

Now I have giant patches of black untextured areas on my terrain. Google found nothing, other than someone asking the same question as I did, with no result.

Any idea? Considering I’ve been building puzzles based on this terrain (I’m making a 3d platformer), it would literally be two weeks down to the drain to start over. Very frustrated right now.

FIXED THE ISSUE: for anyone having the same problem as me, I had multiple copies of the terrain in the scene overlapping, I’m not sure how it happened, but I was duplicating assets in the scene so possible I duplicated the terrain, since I had 3 overlaying each other. Then I went into edit > preferences and cleared my GI Cache. It rebuilt the lightmaps and FIXED! YAAAAAAY! :smiley: