lightmap + drawcalls massive increase

Ok, this issue has been asked serveral times here , but all I can sense is that there is a major bug with Unity’s batching system. But I would like to clearify this.

If you create two exactly the same cube in Unity it shows as a single draw call which is correct. But as soon as you light map those cubes, you get 2 drawcalls + 0 batching. This is with single lightmap texture.

I can understand that if the lightmap textures for thoes cubes are different then it could land up being different draw call. But even if they are sharing the same light map texture, they end up being the separate draw call.

This makes no sense to me and I read some other place in this forumn that it is some kind of major Unity bug…? Is this true?

So at the moment, I have around 290 objects in my scene and I have 290 draw calls. And this is only using 1 light map texture source. this is also true for all the different lightmap types.

Can anyone confirm this behaviour and if this is indeed Unity bug, then when we will be able to the fix?

It just seems like static batching in Unity with light mapped objects is broken.

Anyone out there can answer this?