Lightmap not baking

Trying to add 10 point lights with shadows to the lightmap, for a small interior scene. As soon as I change them from realtime to baked they go dark, as if they are not there. I have created the lightmap UV when I imported my mesh.

Not sure what I’m missing or doing wrong. I changed the pixel light count in quality settings, that always came up when I googled this problem, didn’t change anything for me.
In the Lighting window, it does show me a Lightmap Snapshot, however at the very bottom of said window, it says “0 non-direction lightmaps 0 B No Lightmaps”

I don’t know what it means but I figured it might have something to do with it.

“0 non-direction lightmaps 0 B No Lightmaps” suggests that nothing has been baked. Have you set your objects to static? Can do this via the transform component. Do you have a screenshot of your lighting settings?
Once you switched to baked from realtime, did you hit bake or is it on auto-bake?