Lightmap with bump/specular problem Unity 3 Pro

I can use bump and specular in normal shaders, but when i try to use it in lightmap shader simply doesnot work. The lightmap works, but the bump and specular stop working. What should i do?

As I understand it (and I'm new to Unity 3), you need a second light to get it working. Or you could write or buy custom shaders like this one by Geenz:


I recently answered the same question. Here was my answer:

Lightmapped objects bypass their Normal information upon rendering because all lighting information is contained in the lightmaps. Lightmaps in Unity are made to display objects in the distance (this distance is the same as the shadow distance you can find in Quality settings), that's why small details such as those you find in normal maps aren't rendered with lightmapped objects because they are static. Normal-mapped objects are dynamic.

You can have your objects Normal-mapped again if you increase the shadow distance in the Quality settings.