Lightmapping Artefacts

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to lightmap a level built in 3DS Max in Unity 5.3 and I’m having all kinds of peculiar results.
Even the simplest bakes seem to give awful artefacts. Even just using one point light (see the image for scene settings, I’m getting black dots and edging all over the triangles, as if surfaces aren’t occluding each other properly. I’ve emptied the GI cache and tried fiddling with various settings but nothing seems to work.

Am I setting this up wrong or is this a bug?

Thanks NGC6543. Yeah, I tried that but it didn’t seem to work.
I seem to have fixed it but the solution was pretty odd. In the ‘geometry’ tab of the FBX exporter from Max I made sure that ‘triangulate’ was selected. I wonder if Unity’s not triangulating Max’s quads properly and breaking surfaces up in the lightmapper.

Anyhow, seems to be working now!