Lightmapping edge illumination on tiles

I am trying to build a tiled level for a prototype (no textures, simple cubes for graphics).

Whenever I build lightmaps with beast (simple setup, directional light, a few spotlights in the level, the engine lights the edges of the tiled platforms, even if they're touching.

I have attached an image to illustrate the problem:

alt text

Full size image

have you tried combining meshes? I ran accross a decent “how to” awhile back, but now I can’t find it. Though here is another way to do it.

I think this has to be in a script on the parent object and then it will combine all sub meshes, so you could put this on an empty gameobject and put all your actual transforms/meshes under that. I’m not exactly sure, and I haven’t tried it, just seems that’s what the code is set up for.