lightmapping noob: how to reset lightmap?

Hi! I downloaded the free terrain from - YouTube . I am a coder basically so most of the graphics stuff is quite the hassle for me. Here is my question:

I removed some trees from the terrain with the Unity terrain tools, but their shadows stayed so I figured it should have something to do with lightmapping. I navigated to the Window->Lightmapping tab, and simply hit “bake scene”. The redundant shadows disappeared but I noticed after a while every time I hit bake the terrain got more “enlightened” (well, I didn’t), to the point where now the scene is so light it hurts the eyes :slight_smile: Hitting “Clear” in the lightmapping tab doesn’t change that fact. How can I reset the lightmap to what it was without re-downloading the whole project and having to do all my changes again?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Just to update everyone, You can clear all baked lightmap data by going to Window > Lighting > Settings and then down the bottom of that window is the Generate Lighting button. Click the dropdown arrow in that button and select Clear Baked Data

I know this post is old but if anyone else finds it like myself; to reset the lighting window to its default, select the gear top right in the lighting window and click reset. Done. :slight_smile:

I can’t say I’ve seen that behavior. Maybe there’s something messing with your light intensity? If you select everything in the scene hierarchy, you can copy it, open a new scene, and paste into the new scene. The new scene may not have the same problem.

My 10 to both responses, it helped me a lot.

Very usefull, but my problem is different, the scene and the game view still show me the ambient occlusion on all the objects, `… even after reset everything…

Any idea ?