lightmapping with no AO - still seems to show up?

Usually, on an issue like the following, I would just edit the exr in photoshop to get rid of those random artifacts, but for this I cannot.
Screenshot is here

as you can see, I do not have AO enabled, this is a screen taken directly from the editor, so no post effects are in play.
I don’t think that it is because of low texel density - since it looks like that AO effect is bleeding onto texels that should not be receiving any of that cast shadow from the pillar - although the texels are weirdly squashed, so that needs to get fixed.

Randomly came across this… I know this is several years old. But if anyone else sees this, it looks like that’s just the shadow of the pillar. The shadow is being baked onto the ground inside the pillar, and bleeds out around it.