Lightmaps issue with WebGL build in Safari 14.1 (Big Sur 11.4)

I have lightmaps issue with WebGL build in Safari 14.1. You can see it on screenshot. In other browsers like Chrome, Safari, Opera and even Edge it works fine, without this issue. Size of each lightmap is 512x512. Did someone have such issue? Maybe I have to optimise my lightmaps somehow for Safari?


We have also been having this exact issue lately. It pops up randomly in scenes (maybe 1 out of 10) that were fine before upgrading Unity to 2020.3.11 and URP to version to 10.5.1. Also noticed that switching on Safari’s experimental WebGL 2.0 renders correctly (this is obviously not a solution though). We have tried rebaking the lighting with tons of different settings, creating new light settings, clearing GI cache and rebaking, building with different machines. Nothing we have found reliably fixes the issue.

I managed to fix one of my scenes by changing the Project Settings → Player → Other Settings → Lightmap Encoding → Changed from High Quality to Normal Quality. I also turned on static batching, although that is likely unrelated. This might be the fix, but it might also just be a random fluke that fixed it.

Thanks for sharing your experience. Good to know I am not alone :slight_smile:

I am having similar issues with bloom effects over in android when building with IL2CPP. There may be no correlation but the problem cropped up for me with the same updates. Look for errors reporting builtinupdate being a missing method. I’m missing a bloom effect.

We have a user reporting this exact issue after we upgraded to Unity 2020.3.20f1, however they were not using Safari.


When I use Safari with our Unity 2020.3.20f1 build, I am sometimes able to reproduce black/unlit scenes (possibly the same issue), but the user in question was able to reproduce the multicolored issue similar to OP’s Image while using Chrome and Edge on their PC. Unsure what is actually causing the exact issue, but definitely something from the Unity upgrade (we were previously on 2018)




These are their specs:


Reproduced on Chrome and Edge browser.


Intel (R) HD GRAPHICS manufacture Intel corp

chip type Intel (R) HD GRAPHICS FAMILY




PROCESSOR: INTEL (R) CORE ™ i5-2400 cpu @ 310 ghz, 3101 mhz 4 cores, 4 logic pro