Lightmaps/objects and textures

I'm doing my lightmapping in Cheetah3d, as it is easier for me and produces more predictable results. However, I am noticing that the lightmap is attached to the texture as well as the object. For instance, I have 1 object which are walls with it's own lightmap. Then I have object 2 which is the ceiling which has a different lightmap. There is a common texture used in the 2 objects. If I change the lightmap on 1 object it also changes the lightmap on the other object. What's the best workaround for this? Include the ceiling with the walls and lightmap as one? Or create 2 different textures of the same thing to apply to each object?

Had this. Make an empty game object, add all the same things from one of the objects, so that it's its own game object... Should work!

Hope that helps =).

It seems that Unity takes materials from Cheetah3d as just base colors. Only textures show up in the asset window. The way I had to deal with this was to create a small .jpeg with the same color as the material and assign it to a new material. Then in Unity, assign the appropriate lightmap and texture.