Lightmaps showing big squares in some places and imprecise corners

Hi everybody

As you can see in the pictures, on the window area the smooth shading becomes a bunch of big squares that I can not get rid of by tweaking settings. Increasing resolutions (samples, texels…) don’t even make them any smaller, just different. All lights are mixed and in that area they recive from several interior lights and the main directional light. The glasses do not cast or recive shadow. The garden has a similar problem.
Changing the Spot Angle of lights does nothing either
And the columns have poorly done borders, so you can see lights and shadows that do not belong there. They leak from the nearby pixels.

Any idea? Because I have found nothing on the internet.
I use Unity 2018.2.2f1

Thanks in advance.

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for me it looks like you’re uv’s are messed up.

how did you create the window?

Every object in the scene generates it’s own UVs at generating lightmaps. Everything looks normal to me.

The window is a box from 3D Studio Max. But as I have said, it doesn’t intervene in the lighting. And just in case I have made them invisible and the result is the same.