LightProbes issue on Android

I'm experiencing a weird problem with light probes.

On a low-end Android tablet with 512MB of RAM (OpenGL ES 2.0) there is no problem in using two realtime directional lights. Now, if I use 1 realtime directional light instead and a light probe group, the game crashes when loading the scene.

I have tested in other Android phones and tablets with OpenGL ES 2.0 (but greater memory), and there is no problem at all.

Has anyone experienced something similar? I mean, a crash when using lightprobes on Android devices.

I've just checked and we don't have any bugs on lightprobes crashes on Android.

Could you please file a bug with that scene attached and the details about the devices you used?

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately I cannot attach the scene (I'm under contract) but I will try to create a scene that reproduces the bug to file a report (including the specs of the device).