Lights in build looks different from editor

Hi, I have a problem, when I build my scene, the lights are totally different from the game view, I tried a lot of things, but I always have the same result…

Difference :

Here is my settings (Lighting / Player Settings / Quality) :

I tried deffered rendering path, disabling dx11… But nothing worked…

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Your problem is in quality settings. You have ‘Fantastic’ selected for the Editor while the (green) check mark is on ‘Fastest’. Either select ‘Fastest’ for the Editor (by clicking on it), or click the down arrow below your platform’s column and select ‘Fantastic’.

Let me know if this helps =)

I had a similar issue recently. I don’t know what might work for you but I tried changing the quality settings to ‘fantastic’ too, didn’t work! Ultimately what worked for me was deleting all the quality profiles other than ‘fantastic’. I think my build had no choice other than using the only one left.
Let me know if that works for anybody else too.

I recently ran into a similar issue, and while I cannot guarantee my problem is the same is yours, I figured I’d throw it out there for you and other users who are googling this issue.

I have a couple of directional lights in my game that I’m using to fake a backlighting / GI effect on a few character models. I was using layer masks to ensure that the directional lights were only lighting the desired models, and not the rest of the world.

This worked as intended in editor builds / testing, but when I published the game to a standalone EXE, the entire world was much brighter. After some playing around, I discovered that the directional lights were ignoring their layer masks and illuminating the rest of the world. I’m not sure why this was only happening in the standalone build, but I assume it’s just some quirk in the compiler or something.

@fek did you ever figure out how to fix this? I’m having a similar issue and really need a solution. I can’t find anything about it.