Lights turning on at timed intervals (similar to the beginning of colloseus)

Well I thought about this for awhile, and want to have a scene in my game where hovering steps, just a black rectangle, start out completely dark, then the first light turns on revealing the first black rectangle, then half a second later, another light (on the same ray) turns on, and so on and so forth. I thought of two ways to do this:

Set a var range for the light, so at 0 seconds the range is zero, and have every second the variable range increase by x, then shut down at whatever range the rectangles end at.

Create a light spawner, that places the first light at a coordinate, then uses a basic alogorithm to add a set x (or z) coordinate to the light and place a light at that location, and I feel this could look cooler, as the light may not neccesarily come into contact with the other light completely and have shadow regions.

The question is on terms of advice, which should I choose, I want the one that is going to be the simpliest to program, or if they are relatively similar which you think would look cooler.

This is going to be my first serious attempt at programming something orginally, so don't give me a script, hints or pointers are appreciated though.

I might try using `Invoke("method", time : float)` or `InvokeRepeating` to create your lights or expand the range of your current light. Personally I do not think I fully understand your 1st idea, but it sounds more gradual and I would go with dramatic increases in light such as creating a light or having the range/intensity of a light very rapidly expand.