Lightwave FBX axis rotation problem.

Check out this link to my post on the forums. I made a 2 part tutorial posted to YouTube on my problems and a final fix.

Good luck.

I saw the first part and I think you can solve it without changing anything in your model that you could get it from anywhere, and not being able to change the source.

Right after inserting your `enemy` object try the following:

  1. Create a new Empty `GameObject` and rename it to `BossEnemy` for the purpose of this example.
    • Drag the `enemy` inside the `BossEnemy`
    • Select the `enemy`, which is now the child of `BossEnemy` and reset position from `Transform`

After doing that you should now be able to attach all your scripts to the `BossEnemy`, which should have the `Rotation` set to `(0, 0, 0)`.

Sweet! Part 1- Intro and pitfalls. Part 2- Final fix.

here are the links for easier grabbing.

From what I've gathered from RebelHill's solution to FBX exporting ("Understanding LW and FBX" at youtube), all you'd have to do is use joints instead of bones (there's a script to convert bones to joints in the newtek forums if you want to use skelegons), keep them un-rested, move them around to place them (if you do rotate a joint, fine, just don't rest it) and just rotate the root bone to 90/0/-90. That should do the trick.