Lightwave IK Rig -> Unity

If I animate my character in Lightwave using an IK rig for the legs or arms will that translate into Unity without any issues? I’ve done animations with regular rigs and they transferred over fine, but never tried with an IK or Fk rig before. Thought I’d ask before putting in the work only to find out it doesn’t.

So I figured out how to incorporate IK Animation from Lightwave into Unity. After you do all your animation with your IK rig. You need to right click your “cog/master” bone. The bone that starts the chain for all other bones. Right clicking this bone will select all the bones in your characters body. You then need to key the animation on all your bones through every frame of the animation. After you do that you can delete your “Goal Nulls/Target Nulls” and export in FBX as normal to Unity. Keying your animation on every frame, essentially bakes the animation into the bones rendering the IK setup useless.