Limit on number of GameObjects in PolySpatial / Vision Pro?

Is there a limit on the number of GameObjects I can have tracked for PolySpatial / Vision Pro? I have a few thousand objects of low complexity, but they crash the app at a certain point giving the error “apply fence tx failed (client=0xefcb2414) [0x10000003 (ipc/send) invalid destination port]”

There is no hard limit, but an upper limit has not been stress tested. At some point the overhead will start causing issue.

We have tests that instantiate and run with 1000 objects without issue. Another thousand doesn’t sound ridiculous to me, but it is higher than what we have been prioritizing development around.

If there is anything particular about your scene, other than just 2000 gameobjects existing, it’d be worth it to submit it as a bug, there might be something else going on. Otherwise, we will need to increase the upper limit on our tests and do some work to ensure that amount is stable.

I would note that objects which just simply sit there, and don’t move, don’t generate changes to be sent. So the number of moving gameobjects would be much lower than the number of gameobjects which could sit there not moving. That is something to keep in mind.

Also dependent on the motion you need, the shader graph nodes to displace vertices based on time do work. If it is some kind of looping movement that could be described in shader math like leaves or grass swaying, then the shader could drive the movement. You could get many more moving objects with good performance through that means.