Line comments // make a next line be a line comment.

// 임시. 플레이 샾에서 쓴다. 아래는 캠페인 메

‘tabitemclicked(this);’ this line does not work.
Unity3D has interpreted this line a comment.

statusdraw[0]=new Status(Buttons.A);	//  2   발칸
statusdraw[1]=new Status(Buttons.B);	//4		호밍
statusdraw[2]=new Status(Buttons.C);	//    6	미사일
statusdraw[3]=new Status(Buttons.D);	//  8	폭탄

In the above code, It become a comment only fourth line.
So, statusdraw[3] is null.
I wasted 3 hours to find it.

Code is more than 20000 lines.
I don’t want to delete comments.
There any solution?

I do not write English well.
Please forgive any grammatical errors.

Seems to have resolved.

Project → Solution Options → Souce Code → Code Formatting → C# source code
changed Line endings of Combo Box to Native.

My dev os is Windows 7.