line renderer component not visible

there are a great deal of similar questions and answers but I can’t find any that seem to resolve my issues. I’m running unity 4.5.2f1 on windows 7. I have an game object rotating in a circle around another game object, and I’m trying to get a line to render in a circle along the path of the outer game object. I’ve tried attaching a line renderer component to the game object, and assigning it a number of different materials with different shaders from self illum diffuse to bumped to diffuse.

I then noticed that there was a different sphere renderer on the gameobject too, so i moved the line renderer component to an empty child gameobject parented under the initial one and repeated my initial trials with the materials - still to no avail. I’ve tried increasing the line start and end width. I’ve tried increasing the number of positions, and the number of materials both to no avail. Lastly I’ve moved the position up and down in the z, y, and x axis separately and jointly with a variance of 10 and also to no effect. I’m sure I’m missing some remarkably simple aspect of the line renderer but I honestly can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

in short no matter what I try, the line renderer simply doesn’t show up.

can anyone point me in the right direction for this?

AHA! I resolved the issue and I feel very silly now. what I wanted was a TRAIL renderer and not a LINE renderer - works beautifully now.

Thanks JustFun!