Line Renderer Support

Unity 2022.3.16
PS 0.7.1

Are line renderers supported in PolySpatial?

I am not able to see any line renderers being rendered in the VisionOS Simulator. It renders in the editor as pink by default, I assumed this was a material error ofc, so I created a custom material and assigned it. It then rendered as white using the Sprites/Default material, but it does not render in the VisionOS Simulator.

I did also try a variety of different shaders including the various URP / 2D / Sprite shaders, but they don’t have the same configuration options, as well as the URP / Lit and Unlit shaders with the same result.

Simulator, with cube for positional reference:

Editor view:

Material config:
Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 15.02.10

Line Renderer Inspector:

Hi @AdamSanche

As you’ve discovered, line renderers are not supported in visionOS MR (PolySpatial) at this time. You can see the full list of supported and unsupported components and features here: Supported Unity Features & Components | PolySpatial visionOS | 0.7.1 (

If this feature is important to you, I encourage you to voice your opinion by voting on features listed in our public roadmap here: :earth_americas: MR (Immersive) Features - Unity visionOS Roadmap | Product Roadmap ( – this one would fall under “improved graphics support.”

If you need a workaround sooner than that, your best bet is probably to implement your own line rendering based on a mesh renderer and a custom shader that manipulates vertices to extrude them out according to the camera frame of reference.

Hope that helps!