Line Renderer Support

Unity 2022.3.16
PS 0.7.1

Are line renderers supported in PolySpatial?

I am not able to see any line renderers being rendered in the VisionOS Simulator. It renders in the editor as pink by default, I assumed this was a material error ofc, so I created a custom material and assigned it. It then rendered as white using the Sprites/Default material, but it does not render in the VisionOS Simulator.

I did also try a variety of different shaders including the various URP / 2D / Sprite shaders, but they don’t have the same configuration options, as well as the URP / Lit and Unlit shaders with the same result.

Simulator, with cube for positional reference:

Editor view:

Material config:
Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 15.02.10

Line Renderer Inspector:

Hi @AdamSanche

As you’ve discovered, line renderers are not supported in visionOS MR (PolySpatial) at this time. You can see the full list of supported and unsupported components and features here: Supported Unity Features & Components | PolySpatial visionOS | 0.7.1 (

If this feature is important to you, I encourage you to voice your opinion by voting on features listed in our public roadmap here: :earth_americas: MR (Immersive) Features - Unity visionOS Roadmap | Product Roadmap ( – this one would fall under “improved graphics support.”

If you need a workaround sooner than that, your best bet is probably to implement your own line rendering based on a mesh renderer and a custom shader that manipulates vertices to extrude them out according to the camera frame of reference.

Hope that helps!


Hello @timc-unity,
I would like to draw lines in VisionOS AR, what are some feasible solutions?

One option would be to use meshes with a quad for each line segment along with a shader graph that uses its vertex stage to rotate the segments along their longitudinal axes to face the camera (for example, using the object space View Direction).

The other option is to use Splines. Just create a bunch of Knots, add them to the Spline container, and then SplineExtrude the spline: About Splines | Splines | 2.6.1. It’s frustrating they don’t have splines yet, this took a while to get working and doesn’t work well for something that might need to reposition each frame. :expressionless: