Line Renderer will clip some segments if its too far. How to force it to draw regardless of distance?

Hello all!

Im currently facing a problem where lines drawed with Line Renderer, using Unitys built-in Standart shader, arent being fully shown. When the camera is far away, parts of the line gets clipped and, from my understanding, this has do to with the line width being less than 1 pixel wide in some parts.

How can I rewrite Unity built-in Sdandart shader in order to force the line width to never be less than X pixels wise, regardless of its distance from the camera?

Using GLLine here isnt an option since we have a few dozen kilometers of lines being rendered and this option would be a major impact on the system performance.

I have the same problem. It only comes to mind that you need to increase the width of the line, depending on the distance to the camera, but I do not think that this is the best idea