Line renderer's line appears twisted

I’m working on a 2D game, i’ve noticed that as i was adding points on a line renderer they’d not have the same width.

I’m using unity 2019.1.4f

I’m working on the XY plane and all points have Z set to 0.

I’ve now created an entirely new project where there’s literally nothing except a camera and a gameobject with a line renderer component.

I’ve set these points:

And this is the result:
alt text

What can i do to fix the issue?


Here’s a comparison between 2019.1.4f and 2018.2.1f:

Was there an accidental reroll to 5.4’s line renderer?!

If anybody is still pulling their hair out from this really annoying problem, well this asset fixed it and it’s free.

Leave the guy a nice review since he didn’t have to make it for free.