Linecast & Raycast won't hit the outer surface of a CharacterController

Like it says in the title. I’m using Linecast to build laser tripwires, and my CharacterController doesn’t collide with them until they’re well inside it. The green segment is about where it starts to collide. Further out, nothing’s detected.

This can definitely be worked around (eg SphereColliders don’t exhibit the problem), but it’s still just weird. Does anyone know what’s going on?

alt text

It would’ve been a good answer, but the Linecast is not passing through the caps of the CharacterController (where depending on height it could be legitimately missing), it’s going through right at the midline. More pics to confirm:
alt text

Well, this is a 2D view of your player (i guess top view?). Keep in mind that the Collider is a Capsule and has round caps. this picture is kinda useless without another side view.