LineRender width not consistent across resolutions

I have a LineRenderer as a child of a canvas. If I remove “Use World Space,” on the LineRenderer, the endpoints correctly stay anchored to the canvas as I switch to various resolutions (they stay at the same relative positions). The width however, does not locally stay consistent.

For instance if the width is set to 0.12 at 1920x1080, it needs to be set to 0.09 at 1134x750 in order to match the space it takes up on the canvas. For 2048x1536 it needs to be set to 0.06.

What is the proper way to make line render widths remain consistent to the canvas across different resolutions?

Try it for yourself! Create a Canvas, Create a game object with a line renderer, turn off “Use World Space” on the LineRenderer and see that if you switch between resolutions, you get various widths that don’t really correspond to resolution sizes in a meaningful way (or at least that I can tell!).

It’s strange that something as basic as line renderers have highly variable line widths at various resolutions. Anyone know how this is calculated?

Hit this problem just now (2018.2.5). The width isn’t scaled with the LineRenderer even if the line is locally scaled.