LineRenderer Distortion

Is there a way to fix line render distortion? I want a constant width throughout the line, which is currently set to .5. As I add multiple bends, I think due to the thickness, the line itself distorts as I add additional points. The image attached shows the distortion I’m talking about.

The top shows what is happening with the distortion circled. The bottom shows the desired effect. Ideally I’d like to have all of this within one line renderer, as it’s easier to manage the array of line segments than spreading it across multiple line renders.

Got the exact same problem.
It seems like the Z axis scrambles when a bit when creating a new vertex.
Couldn’t find a good answer to this except adding some more points to the line which eases this
awkward bug.

It does this because the line’s thickness IS constant. I am pretty new in Unity, but i had a lot of experience prior in blender. There, you need to use a python script, to get the angle of bending, and then calculate the thickness the line needs to be. I guess you can do this in C# as well.