LineRenderer is not visible

I’m developing a 2D game by using Unity 4.3 and using Line Renderer. I’m setting start and end points and see the line on the screen without a problem.

However, after adding a big sprite as a background on my screen, the line is not visible anymore. I see it when I remove the background from my screen.

Following ones didn’t work for me?:

rope.sortingOrder = 10;
rope.GetComponent(SpriteRenderer).sortingLayerName = "GameArea";

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

sortingLayerName + sortingOrder, if You work in 2D environment will work correctly only if You will assign Material with Sprites shader. In Your assets create new material, then in Inspector under Shader list pick: Sprites->Diffuse. Drag&Drop created material to Materials slot of LineRenderer.

Solved by changing z position of background from 0 to 10. I hope this helps someone.