LineRenderer line disappearing (Alignment)

Hey, simple question for you.

I’m trying the LineRenderer feature for the first time and it really triggered me, that the line is following the camera, so I looked it up and saw that I have to change the alignment to local or TransformZ to prevent this problem.

Now I tried to changing the alignment to TransformZ and all of the sudden, the whole line disappears.
Do you know what the issue could be? Do I maybe have to change something else in advance?

Thanks in advance.


In case someone will search for this question which I’ve just figured out:

“Alignment: Select whether the line will face the camera, or the orientation of the Transform Component.”

Check the orientation of the object which has the Linerenderer component. If the facing direction is parallel with the line, of course the whole line would disappear.

The objects and the line-renderer disappear. The objects disappear when they are almost out of view and the line-renderer disappears randomly, but only at specific y-locations. How can I fix this? (See included video)

I changed the viewport of camera and I tried to change the clipping port

I expect the problem to be fixed so the objects and the line-renderer won’t disappear.