LineRenderer. Smooth corners.

Is it possible to draw smooth corner and keep static width of line with LineRenderer?

What i have now:


And thats what I want to have:


To solve problem was generated custom mesh.

How to draw lines was found here:

If is there anyone still looking for solution, i add some extra points between two sharp edges with Bézier quadratic interpolation. Here is the interpolation code

    public List<Vector2> QuadraticBezier(Vector2 startPoint,Vector2 midPoint,Vector2 endPoint, float iterCount)
//Create given count of points on a Bézier curve
        Vector2 ab, bc;
        List<Vector2> bezierPoints = new List<Vector2>();
        float interpolateAmount = 0;
        float stepSize = 1 / iterCount;
        for (int i = 0; i < iterCount; i++)
            ab = Vector3.Lerp(startPoint, midPoint, interpolateAmount);
            bc = Vector3.Lerp(midPoint, endPoint, interpolateAmount);
            bezierPoints.Add(Vector3.Lerp(ab, bc, interpolateAmount));
            interpolateAmount += stepSize;
        return bezierPoints;

I gave

        Vector2 pointA = _lineRenderer.GetPosition(lastPointIndex - 1);
        Vector2 pointB = _lineRenderer.GetPosition(lastPointIndex);
        Vector2 pointC = transform.position + transform.up / 2;

as start,mid and end. In this case my line renderer follow my player so i create point C based on that but you get the point.