Lines at the top of sprites

See the lines above, the lines repressent the top of the sprites, I never put them there nor intended to. It happens when my sprites are rotated off originrotation (0,0,0) can you please help?

Its visual at edit mode and play mode and build mode!

Set your Texture’s Wrap Mode to Clamp. That’ll fix it!

Okay So I found a fix to my own problem. It was simple - when you import the images, just select each; One at a time and then click “compressed” then re-click “compressed” and press apply. For some reason Unity does not listen to the default setting of them when they are imported.

This is an old question, but I wanted to add something anyway because I ran into a similar problem recently and it took a while to find the answer.

The thread in the link below includes the suggestion to make a material with a sprite shader, apply it to the sprite object, and check the “Pixel snap” box. Worked for me!