Link Player Profile and Game

I haven’t found a solution I quite liked yet and was wondering if I could get some help. I am wanting the game to pull the user’s data when it loads up. I am trying to figure out how to link player’s device to their profile.

I thought I could use: and the uniqueID, but if the player loses their phone, their profile is gone (inaccessible). I am wanting to prevent the user from having to type in a login/pass to get their profile. Is there a way to link a player’s (GooglePlay, iTunes) account to the game ie some piece of info I can get and store in the database as a PrimaryKey?

I would like eventually release to multiple platforms so something that applied to all platforms would be great! I just can’t seem to find something that would allow me to do this. Thank you for any help, community. I appreciate it.

Two options come to my mind right away


I have not tried that but I remember that you can achieve that by using a third party platform if you don´t want to complicate yourself the things.

Check this
they can store leaderboards (free service).

I cannot recall the other platform name I have read. If I recall it I will passed it to you.

Unity social api

Also check this:
"Integrate it and take it social

Unity’s Social API provides a unified interface to different social back-ends, such as Xbox Live or Apple GameCenter, so that your game has access to social features, such as user profiles, friends lists, achievements and statistics and leaderboards."