Linux Mint 17.2 Installed Flawlessly

Would like to report that installation using the unity-editor-5.1.0f3+2015082501_amd64.deb download, worked flawlessly, registration, license agreement, logging in, and starting a new project all worked fine.


Hi, also want to add that it installed Flawlessly on Mint 17.2 xfce 64Bit.
I used the Unofficial Platform-Agnostic Installer

The only problems I had was with the first start-up where the startup screen would hang on a white screen right after "connecting", I think this was an issue on the windows version aswell?? Close and re-open fixed that.

The only other issue was that when you hold Alt + mouse move it moved the whole window :P. (props just need to reconfigure that shortcut since linux uses alt for stuff)

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Installed for me as well on Mint KDE 17.2 with no issues. Was able to log in and create a project. Seems to be working. I have a lot to learn yet, but interface seems to be working OK. Thanks for supporting Linux!

Looks like it works on Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon! Installed "unity-editor-5.1.0f3+2015082501_amd64.deb" with no problems, and loaded up the project I created this past weekend for Ludum Dare (full game with multiple scripts, scenes and all kinds of assets).

The warnings in my project that were present in Windows were present here, although there was one new error (CS1061) related to Color.ToHexStringRGB() that I didn't have in the Windows editor. Aside from that, the game (which relies heavily on physics and has lots of screen effects) ran just as well in the Linux editor as on Windows!

Thank you guys so much for finally doing this! It's hard to overstate how excited I am to use Unity natively in Linux, and I'll probably use it even more than I already do.

Installed with no issues on my Linux Mint17.2 Cinnamon 64-bit OS! Thank you for Linux support Unity! Keep up the great work!

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Flawless for me as well, I used a strange installation method of installing the dependencies from the deb package, then unpacking the usr and opt directories into a dir under my home folder and running from there. Seems to work fine after changing the permissions for the chromium-sandbox.

Thanks a heap Unity on Linux team! You guys are the best!