Linux support

I want to play a game that uses your software but the plugin for Firefox is not available for Linux. I really wish you game people would stop snubbing those of us that have been brave enough to cast off the chains of bondage that are known as Microsoft. More and more people are leaving microsoft in favor of one of the linux distros, especially now that the gui is so much improved.
We want more and better games for linux!!!

Hey DallasWV. We are not snubbing Linux users, far from it. Many of our internal systems use Linux, as do some developers that work for us. Full Linux support is a project that falls into our FAFF (Friday’s are for fun) projects. We’ll have Linux webplayer support before long. It’s just been a commercial decision to target the operating systems and browsers that our customer (the people who make the games) want us to work on.

Can you fill us in on the progress of your FAFF linux development ?

Unity Technologies do not provide a Unity Web Player for Linux browsers. I also haven’t heard any plans on doing so.


Previously Linux users tried to install Windows versions of internet browsers to run the Unity Web Player using Wine.

The Pipelight project has made a plugin for native Linux browsers. It still uses Wine, but at least you won’t deal with Windows versions of internet browsers. See the community set up wiki page -