List Of GameObjects , Deleting these Objects !

i add objects in Run Time to a → List();

fruits.Add((GameObject)Instantiate(fruit,transform.position, Quaternion.identity));

OnTriggerEnter() i destroy the Collider GameObject, which is a GameObject inside that list

void OnTriggerEnter(Collider col)

Now my Question is, once i destroy it, will it also be removed from the List, Or i have to manually remove it from the List by accessing it…

The list will remain the same length- the destroyed gameObject will be replaced with a null reference. So, neither? I would recommend removing it manually before it gets destroyed, though- that would reduce confusion.

Its easier way to do it.
Destroy all object in list and then use Delegate to clear all null object in list

SomeList.RemoveAll (delegate (GameObject o) { return o == null; });