List of namespaces?

Is there somewhere a list out there of all existing “using Unity.” namespaces? All the things you can access from? I fear I’m going to miss a hell lot of things, few minutes ago I found out about “using Unity.Entities” and how to access tilemaps and only out of pure chance.
Unity documentation has only a definition but I can’t find a list.

In Visual Studio Community 2017 :

1. Open the Solution Explorer window (View menu > Solution explorer)

2. Expand the Assembly-CSharp list

3. Expand the References list

4. Double click on the UnityEngine.CoreModule namespace

5. The Object explorer window should open

6. Expand the UnityEngine.CoreModule > UnityEngine namespace

7. Look at all the classes / enum / delegates defined in the namespace

You can do the same with other namespaces of Unity