List of Servers?

I am making a RTS game where you build amies/bases and conquer your enemies army/base. About a week ago my computer crashed and I lost all of my files. I had a Server/Client system set using ip adresses to connect, but now that I am restarting I was wondering if there was a way to make a list of servers. That way friends can fight each other without needing to know their current IP adress. It has been about 6 months and I cant remember any form of programing networks.

Rejoice, Unity provides you with exactly such a solution, called Master Server.

My C sharp solution was this:

while (i < data.Length) {

			GUILayout.BeginHorizontal ();
			var name = data <em>.gameName + " " + data <em>.connectedPlayers + " / " + data _.playerLimit + " " + data *.comment;*_</em></em>

* GUILayout.Label (name); *
* GUILayout.Space (5);*
* GUILayout.FlexibleSpace (); *
* GUILayout.Label (Network_Locked);
_ if (GUILayout.Button (“Connect”)) {
Network.Connect (data );
GUILayout.EndHorizontal ();

* }*