List wont appropriately add objects.

Hi All,

So I am trying to create a script which iterates through all of the scene game objects and if they have certain components, then they are added to a list which is later used for further processing. Currently the issue:

  • I have two AudioSource components, each with different AudioClips
  • Through debugging with print statement, I can see that Clip#1 is added x2 to the list, as opposed of clip#1 and clip #2 being x1 in list.

I am using an AudioStreamIDList.Add command to add to a pre-declared list below my namespace.

 private void FindComponents()
            GameObject[] AllObjects = FindObjectsOfType<GameObject>();
            for (int i = 0; i < AllObjects.Length; i++)
                if (AllObjects*.GetComponent<AudioSource>() != null)*

AudioStreamIDList.Add(“signal:” + AllObjects*.GetComponent();*

Issue solved!

in array AllObjects clip#2 is in element #6
but in list AudioStreamIDList clip #2 is in element #2

Solved by adding following code in order to keep the array and list in sync