LitJSON android problem

I need to use json item database in unity(c#) for android project, but i have one problem.

I am following this tutorials:

… but it doesnt work on android. Everything works in editor or on windows but I cant read my JSON database on android.

I use for read this script:

    private JsonData itemData;
    itemData = JsonMapper.ToObject(File.ReadAllText(Application.dataPath + "/StreamingAssets/Items.json"));

When I start the game on android device I got this errors:

IsolatedStorageException: Could not find a part of the path "/data/app/com.xx.xx-25.apk/StreamingAssets/Items.json".
NullReferenceException: Object reference not set t oan instance of an object

Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I would appreciate your help. Thank you.

@wasd321 The correct way to access streaming assets on Android is Application.streamingAssetsPath because, as per the documentation, the Streaming Assets folder is part of the apk and is accessed through the jar:// path. For testing in the Editor use "file://"+ Application.streamingAssetsPath whereas for Android use Application.streamingAssetsPath without the file:// prefix since it will already be present in the path.