Little dust particles after player jump hitting ground

I’m searching for info that does the following:

After the player character hits the ground some little dust particles will be instantiated, but these particles must stay on the spot he justed landed so they wont follow the player when he walks on.

I found some older solutions but they don’t seem to work anymore.
Can anyone help me in the right direction?

Instantiate() a ParticleSystem at the position he jumps off/lands and don’t make the player its parent. Good practice is to Destroy() it after it has done its job.

@ASPePeX Thanks for your reply, I got the instantiate working, now I still need to spawn it at the location where he lands? There is a OnTriggerEnter on the location where he lands, but how do I get the location of his feet hitting the ground?

Something like this?

GameObject dustObject = Instantiate(dustPuff, this.transform.position, this.transform.rotation) as GameObject;