(Little) Problem with RoundToInt

Hey guys! I’ve got a problem with RoundToInt.

The Unity manual says about RoundToInt:
“If the number ends in .5 so it is halfway between two integers, one of which is even and the other odd, the even number is returned.”

That doesn’t make sense to me. I’m from Germany, and at least I learned in math class that decimals that end on .5 are always rounded to the bigger integer (meaning 11.5 makes 12 and 12.5 makes 13).
I don’t know if that’s some kind of “depends from which place of the earth you are”-thing, but I need some kind of easy workaround. Any ideas?

The rounding part at 0.5 is not really clear in maths. You can do it different ways. So for the workaround. You can do something like (int)(theNumber+0.5f). This way it adds 0.5 to a number, then casts it to int. It works because when the number is casted to integer, it simply removes the decimal points and for example 12.5+0.5 is already 13.0.