Live ads during beta test


I’m making an android Unity game that is on closed beta test on Google Play store.
I intend to add Unity Ads to the next release version.
Now, having googled for a while, I’m worried about getting flagged for fraud doing this:

I skimmed through the Terms and couldn’t find anything about live ads during closed beta not being allowed. These are real players running the published game on non-test devices and not robots.

My question is: Has anyone else released a game on Google console to the Play store in closed beta (as in Release Management->App Releases->Create closed track) and used live ads? What were your experiences? Should I not do this? It seems strange to me to let players not see the real deal, beta or not.

Thanks for reading

Hello! I have the same question. Do you know the answer now? Thank you!

This is over a year old… no one knows the answer?