Live streaming with rtsp


I have a problem, I want to display a live video in a window but I have no video with the code below.
I tried with the example of Unity:
that works very well.

Have an idea or it is not possible? I have to use another way to use the live streaming?

// My code

//the GUI texture

private GUITexture videoGUItex;

//the Movie texture
private MovieTexture mTex;
//the AudioSource
private AudioSource movieAS;
//the movie name inside the resources folder
public string movieName;

private string url= "rtsp://my_AdresseIp";

private WWW myWWW;

void Awake()

//On Script Start
void Start()
    //get the attached GUITexture
    videoGUItex = this.GetComponent<GUITexture>();
    //get the attached AudioSource
    movieAS = this.GetComponent<AudioSource>();

    myWWW = new WWW(url);

    //load the movie texture from the resources folder
    mTex =; //(MovieTexture)Resources.Load(movieName);
    //set the AudioSource clip to be the same as the movie texture audio clip
    movieAS.clip = mTex.audioClip;
    //anamorphic fullscreen
    videoGUItex.pixelInset = new Rect(Screen.width / 2, -Screen.height / 2, 0, 0);

	//set the videoGUItex.texture to be the same as mTex
	videoGUItex.texture = mTex;
	//Plays the movie
	//plays the audio from the movie

I thought WWW class doesn’t receive data from RTSP, only from HTP and HTTP correct me if i am wrong. You can try change the url to some source that uses http://

try this one


Hi, If you are able to hear the audio, but not able to see the video, then, the problem is in this line of your code

videoGUItex.pixelInset = new Rect(Screen.width / 2, -Screen.height / 2, 0, 0);

The Rect values are set wrongly. It should be

videoGUItex.pixelInset = new Rect(-Screen.width / 2, -Screen.height / 2, Screen.width, Screen.height);

I hope it helps.